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Must See Places in Chennai #2 Kapaleeshwarar Temple

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Must See Places in Chennai #2 Kapaleeshwarar Temple

August 15,2015 0 comments

Once there lived a Shaivite saint called Thirugnana Sambandhar. When he visited the place of Mylapore, he happened to hear a sad story of a father, whose daughter died of a snake bite. He had preserved the girl’s bones and presented the pot to the saint. The saint began singing songs in the praise of Lord Shiva. The pot broke off and the girl ‘Poompavai’ was resurrected to life. This is one of the many mythological stories linked with KAPALEESHWARAR TEMPLE.

Located in the cultural hub of Chennai, Mylapore, it is one of the ancient shrines of Southern India. The temple houses a unique structure of Goddess Parvathy as peacock worshipping Lord Shiva in the form of ‘Lingam’.

The 37-metre ‘Gopuram’ or the pyramidal top stands as classic exhibition of architectural excellence. The temple walls are inscribed with Puranic inscriptions of seven and half centuries old. It also has several mandaps and a huge tank to the west.

The place witness huge crowd during a popular festival called Arupathu Moovar Vizha. During this 10-day festival, a procession carrying 63 bronze carvings of Shaivite saints takes place.

The shrine apart from being a spiritual symbol, is also a testimony of ancient Dravidian political and cultural lifestyle.